Hi I am Vidya.I am a SoftwareEngineer by education and a Crafts lover. I will showcase my Craftsworks as I explore the Crafts World more. My Husband and two Little Angels are my Support who love my work and give right feedback at righ time. Special thanks to my parents who are very passionate about Art and Craft, for their support to continue my journey into the Crafts World. 

    As far as I remembered my parents have never bought any thing to decorate our house, they have always loved to decorate the house with their creative things. I am happy till today they have been following it. They were never lazy or tired to try new things. My Parents are my true inspiration. I will surely try to showcase my parents work also in my blog. 

     I fell in love with the ancient art of quilling when i saw the 3d quilling collections. I am very keen in exploing this art more. It's amazing to see strips of colourful papers becoming beautiful decorations on cards, jewels and 3d dolls. All you need is Good Imagination and loads of Patience.Thanks to all my friends who have encouraged me.

  I will be happy if I can inspire some of you to bring out your creativity. You can share my post's direct link to your blog/page or create the same designs keeping mine as model but don't copy the images and claim yours.Thank you for understanding. 

   Your comments are valuable which will encourage me more.So please leave your comments. I would be more happy to help any one who wants to learn how I made it.

   Thank you for visting my Blog....

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